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On the 3rd of November 2016 we have released “When Sheep Dream of Paradise” on all online distribution platforms. In this article we will tell you all about the recording process of this album.

Album artwork made by Nicole Segawa

Tikhon (lead guitar, music producer): «Back in 2015 we have released our first mini demo album «Never Silent», but there was a lot more material left and we decided to start working on a bigger release straight away…»

Danila (drums, lyricist): «After testing the waters with Never Silent we wanted to make something of a bigger scale. Our usual live show setlist was 12-13 songs at the time…»

Tikhon: «Some of the demos that ended up on the record can be traced all the way back to 2014 . It was a pivotal moment for our bend. We have changed our direction completely and retired almost all of our songs that we played in 2012 and 2013 without them ever reaching a studio.»

Alexander (rhythm guitar): «The idea was to select our strongest songs. We didn’t want to make a long album by artificially extending it with filler songs. Therefore we decided to limit ourselves to only seven song.…»

Danila: «The first mini album was recorded at RDM Studios. Back then mixing took a very long time. A few engineers tried but couldn’t reach the desired result. Then we have got acquainted with Nikolai who applied some magic to our tracks and made a mix that we have approved. This time we decided to work with him straight away and let him do recording, mixing and mastering, start to finish.»

Rost (bass): «When recording Nikolai always makes you feel at home. It helps a lot to relax and focus on delivering your best performance. I did not feel any discomfort. I remember we worked in the studio till it was late in the evening and he gave us pie to keep us going…»

Rost (bass) and sound engineer Nikolai at RDM Studios

Danila: « As usual we began recording with tracking drums. And that was as far back as August 18th 2015. After tracking drums there was a long pause until February, when Rost went into studio to record his bass parts. Altogether we were recording instruments until the end of March. Everything was made a little more complicated due to Tikhon being out of the country for long periods of time.»

Tikhon: «Yeah, it took us 7 month in the studio. Two more and and it would have been like carrying a child;)»

Rost: «Bass was done second after drums, so I was done early. But I found the process interesting so I was always in the studio for the rest of the process. Danila and I were present in the studio throughout the whole recording process.»

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And thats how When Sheep Dream of Paradise was made

Alexander : «After everything was recorded it was time for mixing and mastering. That process took quite a while. We were making estimations on when we will be able to release it and settled on November»

Tracking guitars

Tikhon: «When we received the finalised songs from the studio, we felt like we have completed a large process and the result was in our hands. Which is exactly what it was. There was a feeling of euphoria that everything worked out»

Studio work

Danila: «Yes there was a lot of excitement, even though we understood that there was a lot of work for promoting the album ahead of us»

Danila: «And there was another hurdle in our way. The album had no name and We needed to come up with it. And also there was a question of the artwork…»

To be continued…

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