Part 2

The artwork

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On the 3rd of November 2016 we have released “When Sheep Dream of Paradise” on all online distribution platforms. In this article we will tell you all about the recording process of this album.

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Danila (drums, lyricist): «Long before finishing the recording process we started working on the presentation aspects of the album. From our previous experience we knew that it’s not as simple as it sounds. We wanted to get everything looking great, conceptual and appealing…»

Tikhon (lead guitar, music producer): «We have had a symbol for our band since 2015. We have used it on our social networks and in our shows. You can also find it on the cover of Never Silent. Since then we have decided that it will also be present on future releases»

Tiavara symbol

Danila: «The symbols was meant to be more than just present. We have envisioned the artwork to have a plot line revolving around it. When preparing Never Silent we have worked with a talented artist Alex Alexov of the Mayhem Project Design studio. On the artwork that he prepared for us a story line based around our symbol begun. What’s interesting is that it is reversed. The first album artwork depicts the final moment when the power behind the symbol grew to the epic proportions. It had become a cult icon, enslaved everyone and destroyed the opposition. A post-apocalyptic scene»

Never Silent album artwork

Alexander (rhythm guitar): «Before releasing the album itself we have decided to drop four singles. When we were discussing it we decided to make them all under a single cover.»

Tikhon: «We have once again worked on it with the Mayhem Project Design. This cover depicts the moment when people in a vibrant megapolis are being indoctrinated by the cult and are building a massive symbol. The construction is still in full swing bud the colossus is already rising above the city starting to dominate»

Artwork for WSDOP singles

Rost (bass): « When we were discussing the album artwork we have all come to a conclusion that we wanted it to be bright. And to show a flourishing city. But in a “calm before the storm” kinda way. The symbol is already towering over the city and is enslaving people even though they don’t understand it yet. Hence we have decided that the colours should be not only bright, but unnaturally so, acidic, unhealthy…»

Danila: «I am a fan of arts and often brows Deviantart for inspiration. This is where I’ve noticed a Croatian artist Nicole Segawa. I’ve described our idea to here and she responded. She said that she would be interested in working with a music band. She completed the artwork incredibly quickly and was able to capture or idea so well that there were no corrections at all»

Album artwork by Nicole Segawa

Alexander: «The artwork shows a boy who is looking from afar at a city that is being dominated by the symbol. The boy is a personification of all who is not under the influence of the symbol yet, but is timid when looking at the colossus. It is not clear yet if he will resist or become a slave…»

To be continued…

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