Part 3

The album release

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On the 3rd of November 2016 we have released “When Sheep Dream of Paradise” on all online distribution platforms. In this article we will tell you all about the recording process of this album.

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Tikhon (lead guitar, music producer)«Before we were ready to release the album there was still one unsolved question left – what should we name it. We didn’t even have a working title. We also didn’t want to use a name of any song from it.»

Alexander (rhythm guitar): «Somehow it naturally happened that we quietly left this question to Danila. He is the author of the lyrics after all, so it seemed natural:)»

Limited physical CD print of WSDOP

Danila (drums, lyricist): «When Sheep Dream of Paradise – the name came to me somewhat spontaneously. I’ve had a long list of possible titles but didn’t really like any of them. I sat down to think about it and to look over the general themes of the album and in the end I’ve realised that the general idea is to stand out and to stop being a “sheep”. That formed a sentence in my head “when sheep dream of paradise” which to me was a great way of delivering the idea behind the album without being too direct. I did not plan for it to become a title and wanted to use that phrase as a foundation for further name search, but included it in the list as a joke anyway. I was very surprised when everyone agreed that it was the best option and despite being the longest one was also the one that sounded nice and was easy to remember and pronounce…»

Danila working on The Storm Eternal video

Timofey (manager): «When the album came out we have received a lot of messages that we’ve made a grammatical. That there was supposed to be an “s” at the end of “dream”. However Danila, who had spent 6 years in England calmly explained that there was no mistake and that sheep was intended to be plural hence no “s”. To be honest, I had no idea myself until he explained it»

Tikhon: «The release date was set to be on the 3rd of November. Unlike the previous album we have put a lot of emphasis on PR. We have decided to announce it two month in advance. Since we’ve made our vk page the focal point of our campaign that is where the first announcement on September the 5th came out. »

Rost (bass): «September 8th we’ve dropped the first single, it was “Haunting Past”. After that it was a single every two weeks, four in total. Those remaining three were Lunacy, Path of Lies and The Storm Eternal»

Danila: «My cousin made some cool black and white art for the singles. She is an architect and draws really well. We have used those pictures in our YouTube versions of the songs»

Still Alive

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Singles art by Tatiana Pachina

Alexander: «We have spread a lot of activity on vk. Constant contests, polls etc. We’ve held various interactive events, prize giveaways, fan meetings. Used some alternative marketing as well. In the end vk admins have had enough decided that it all looked suspicious and blocked our page»

Contest prizes

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Prize giveaway by band members

Danila: «Our album came out on the 3rd of November and in the morning of the 6th we got blocked. I remember I was sitting with my laptop (it was a Sunday) and suddenly I get dm about our manager being blocked. I was fucking shocked to say the least»

Timofey: « I immediately started a message exchange with the admins. Considering their slow response we have managed to solve all of the questions only by the 8th on November. However according to the vk rules you can only unblock a page a month after solving all of the issues. Therefore our main channel of spreading the news about the album was lost until December 8th. That’s when we came to a realisation that it was a bad idea to “put all of the eggs into a single basket”  I was now obvious that we’ve had to develop other ways to communicate with our listeners»

Rost: «The next day after we got blocked we’ve had a meeting at our rehearsal studio. The euphoria about the album was replaced by a feeling being crushed. However we have discussed it and came up with a new course of action. By then it was still unclear what the response from the admins would be, after the news that our page would be unblocked eventually we felt a little better.»

Timofey: «Never the less the album was already living a full life online. Various pages posted it. Reviews and opinions started to hit our dm’s, mostly positive, but haters were also there. After releasing the album we were planning to have a celebratory show at a Moscow club Jimi. Unfortunately due to those circumstances we’ve had to cancel it. Having lost our main advertising tool we’ve decided to limit it to an invite only party»

Tikhon: «November 26th we’ve rented a rehearsal studio for an evening grabbes some beer, champagne and other refreshments and invites the core of our fan base. It was a great party. That was also the first time we have shown the diy music video to our song «The Storm Eternal» It was all right! Had a lot of fun!»

Album release party

Alexander: «During that mini-show we have played the entire album and had some great conversations with our fans whom we’ve always seen as friends. It had a cosy atmosphere and was kinda cool!»

Album release party

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Danila: «Our page was unlocked December 8th. It was a big relief. The most valuable time was lost however we still continued to promote the album. The other problem was that winter holidays were fast approaching, but we weren’t about to give up»

Tikhon: «February 8th we have released “the Storm Eternal” music video to the masses and went on tour. Played 13 cities. Yeah we are not superstitious:) And were already working on the next album…»

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